Saturday, 20 August 2011


   Hello my Brothers and sisters of india I have created this platform to bring all of you
together , to fight against corruption and all the other problem in our country.It does not matter whether
you are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or believe in any other religion. Because today we are going to be united as INDIAN.

we have wasted enough time, to fight with each other, now we should rise above all this negative thinking
and work together to make India shine like never before.
Our Agenda

1. Bring All the people of India together under one platform (regardless of political parties, region,
cast,state or language).

2. Let the world know that India is not only the biggest but also the strongest Democratic country in
the whole world. And we will not allow anyone to take away our basic right of freedom.

3. Right now our focus will be, to support Anna Hazare ji who is fighting for us.I have seen people are
supporting Anna Hazare ji on facebook or other networking sites and people are calling on some number to
register their support ,please continue supporting this way but we need to do a lot more then that.

    If you don't want to see Anna Hazare ji die while doing hunger strike then we must act fast and
    spread the support across INDIA.

Step 1- Invite as many people as you can to join this forum.

Step 2- select a place in your city, town or village to start the protest and  inform everyone to be there.
       inform local media person about your protest . This protest should be in a peaceful do not need  to do hunger strike (Do it if you want). But at least you can register your physical presence with anna Hazare ji.

Step -3 Continue the protest until JAN LOKPAL BILL is accepted by the government.

Further plan will be made according to the situation.there might be some change in the plan so keep in touch.

I am the leader, represents the youth of India because there is a leader inside every
 youth in india.Leader is someone, who will take the initiative to solve the problem and fight till the end,
until the problem is solved.

If you want to represent the opinion of any political parties using this forum then it is my humble request
kindly stay away from this forum, because we will not entertain any political agenda here. this message is
only for those, who love their country(INDIA) and want to see it shine like sun.

Most of you will be thinking that, we already have so many forum and platform addressing
 the same issues then why "I am the leader".The main reason is, what I feel is,today Indian politics is
so badly currupted that no good person want to be a part of it, but running away from the problem will not solve it.
hence,I am leaving the ultimate decision up to you, whether you want to sit back in your home and watch how this
corruption spoil the whole society or take the initiative to solve it.

 we need leaders, who can fight for the right cause.If you join this community thereby you become one of the leader.
and hence you can post your ideas and suggestions and if your idea is good and practical then it will be taken by
other member of this forum. A great Leader will always give great ideas and at the same time will appreciate great
ideas given by other people. So you are a Leader in this forum and at the same time you are a supporter.

so the basic idea is with the help of all the young leader clean the corruption completely from our country.
This is possible only when maximum number of people will take part in this fight against corruption. so if you
can motivate even one person ( be it your brother, sister, parents, friend or stranger) it will make a very
big difference.

 If you are against the corruption then stand up and fight like a leader and try to add as many
people as you can.Come on the road and show your full support for people like anna hazare ji and BABA Ramdev.

we will not allow our govt to take same kind of action ,against Anna Hazare ji, what they have taken against Baba Ramdev.
and this is only possible when 100 crore citizen of India will come on the road to show the real power of democracy. is the right time when all of us should come forward and take the initiative.

This is just a beginning and the road ahead is very very difficult so I hope you are ready to fight the most
toughest battle of your life.

I am also a simple person like you and I do not want to sacrifice a Freedom fighter like Anna Hazare ji in this fight
against Corruption. Now the question is what do you want.

Our freedom fighters have already given their life to obtain the freedom. so are you ready to give some of your
 time to protect it...

Thank you all.....

NOTE : 1. Please protest in a peaceful manner.Do not hurt anybody or do not destroy any Government property.

       2. If anyone can translate this message into hindi and other languages  it will be a great help.